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Magnificent Area Rug Cleaning Services In Modesto

Area rugs give an appealing and aesthetic look to your room. However, due to a lot of daily foot-traffic the beauty of your rugs is lost. To maintain their beauty and durability, a proper cleaning process is required.

The experts at ASAP Commercial Cleaning offers the best area rug cleaning services in Modesto and all nearby locations. Regardless of your area rug size, we can restore its shiny look taking utmost care for its fabric.

Professional Area Rug Cleaning By Top-Rated Experts

In daily cleaning, you can vacuum these area rugs. But, simply vacuuming is not enough to remove all dirt and hard stains from your area rugs. To keep these rugs clean and allergen-free, you will need professional area rug cleaning services.

The professionals at ASAP Commercial Cleaning use specialized tools and equipment based on the fabric of your area rug. Whether the rug material is of wool, cotton, or silk, our technicians are skilled to remove all tough stains from it. Also, they take care of color vibrancy in your rug material while cleaning.

High Level Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning Services Modesto

We provide cleaning with top methods i.e. Hot water extraction, steam cleaning, and Low moisture cleaning. Each of these methods has a full 6 step cleaning process up to the final inspection of rug material.

● The Hot water extraction steps include Pre-inspection, vacuuming, spray cleaner application, scrub and rinse, quick-drying, and Final inspection.
● The steam cleaning method starts with examining of rug material, pre-spraying, pre-vacuuming, steaming, drying, and ends with a final review.
● Low moisture cleaning goes with a thorough vacuuming, applying the cleaner, agitation, restoration, fast-drying, and final analysis.

Moreover, our predefined area rug cleaning process follows a pre-wash inspection, color test, dusting, pH conditioned rinse, speed drying, fringe work and detailing, fiber guard protection, and final inspection.

To book your rug cleaning appointment, contact us at 209-202-1053. Our professionals are always ready to serve and meet all your rug cleaning demands.

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