Commercial Building Maintenance Checklist
May 26, 2021

How To Prepare Commercial Building Maintenance Checklist?

By ASAP Commercial Cleaning

As you can see in large commercial buildings, several people come and go around every day, so it creates a lot of dirt inside it. Also, many places like washrooms, HVAC systems, and lighting fixtures are utilized the whole day by employees and other staff members.

However, you need to prepare the best commercial building maintenance checklist for proper cleaning and repair of the building. Know here the things included in it.

Things Included In Commercial Building Maintenance Checklist

⇒ Do check the cracks between the exterior walls of your commercial building at least once a month.

⇒ Go for routine checkups of roofs and soffit areas in the building.

⇒ Small parts of the doors or windows like locks, hinges, and door handles have a chance to break often. You need to repair them timely, as they can hinder the proper functioning of doors and windows.

⇒ It is important to do periodic check-ups of the lighting and power supply system by the facility manager. Because short circuits in commercial buildings can risk the lives of many people.

⇒ Notice the plumbing defects in your checklist properly. If you note down the time to replace the valve under the sink, then the work can be completed easily.

⇒ Do service the fire extinguishers of your commercial building once a year. 

⇒ Inspect the HVAC system properly, as your AC or heaters might need cleaning and repair in long time intervals.

⇒ Organize a periodical moisture survey in your area, so that you can check the leakage systems of the building.

⇒ Clean the sewage pipes of your building’s washrooms once a year.

⇒ Take time to remove dust from the lighting surfaces as it can give good efficiency.

Note: In this pandemic time, commercial cleaning can save your workplace from the spread of coronavirus. It defines the importance of building maintenance.

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Even though you prepare the checklist, there are some things that need professional cleaning and maintenance. Experts at ASAP Commercial Cleaning provide the best repair and cleaning services to your commercial building and guide you to maintain its beauty for a long time.