Best Area Rug Cleaning Solution After a Pet Accident
May 13, 2020

Best Area Rug Cleaning Solution After a Pet Accident

By ASAP Commercial Cleaning

Having a pet at home is exciting. But chances are it will have a pee accident in your home. This means long hours of area rug cleaning and eliminating the pet urine odor. Coming up next is the best area rug cleaning solution to help clean up those messes.

Best Area Rug Cleaning Solution After Pet Accident 

1. Clean the Area 

Once you remove the moisture, clean the area. Depending upon to what extent the stain has been on the rug, there are two sorts of rug cleaning strategies. For newer stains, you can use an essential rug cleaner and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. When you have applied the cleaner, use a pet odor neutralizer that you can get in pet stores to remove the smell.

2. Neutralizer Methods 

On certain occasions, a pet odor neutralizer may not be enough to complete the job. Different property holders like to avoid chemical solutions and go with organic cleaning products.

A vinegar-based solution can kill the pee odor. This neutralizes the ammonia in urine without harming the fibers in the area rug. Blend one section of white vinegar with one section of water and apply it to the affected region. Let the liquid sit for 10 minutes and afterward absorb it with paper towels.

After the ground surface is practically dry, spread baking soda on the floor. Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes, at that point vacuum it up. This will help remove the pee smell using natural products. Using normal household cleaning items saves you both cash and time.

Best Area Rug Cleaning

To Conclude, 

It is the best area rug cleaning solution you can try yourself after a pet accident. Area rug cleaning after a dog accident isn’t fun, but it is manageable. But if you have a busy work schedule, then professionals like ASAP Carpet Cleaning can help you with your area rug cleaning needs. To get a free estimate on our rug cleaning service, call us at 209-202-1053. Else, follow our Facebook page to know more about the best area rug cleaning solutions.