How To Perform Detailed Step-by-Step Area Rug Cleaning
March 19, 2020

How To Perform Detailed Step-by-Step DIY Area Rug Cleaning?

By ASAP Commercial Cleaning

Area rugs are the best way to connect your rooms. They enhance the look of your home decor and add aesthetic beauty to the floor area. But, this beauty gets destroyed once the rugs start attracting dirt, stains, and spills in it. You can clean these rugs at home by following some simple DIY steps. So, learn here the 7-step process of area rug cleaning.

Follow This 7-Step Process For Your DIY Area Rug Cleaning


  • Rug Shampoo or a mild dish detergent powder
  • An empty bucket
  • Sufficient amount of warm water in a bowl
  • Soft-bristle brush or a sponge
  • Rubber gloves
  • Wet-dry vacuum
  • Garden hose (optional)


  1. First, you need to remove all the loose dirt and debris from your area rug. For that, you can use a vacuum cleaner. If you own a pet, then attach a brush in your vacuum to remove all pet stray hairs from the rug.
  2. Mix the rug shampoo cleaner or a detergent powder in warm water. Then add this solution in a bucket. Do not use hot water as it can cause color fading or shrink of your area rug.carpet washing
  3. Test the solution in some hidden area of your rug, before using it. If the color doesn’t fade or harm the fabric of the rug, then you can use it.
  4. Wet the sponge or a soft-bristle brush in the solution and then scrub your area rug with it. Allow the cleaner to settle in the fibers of your area rug for at least 5 minutes.
  5. Rinse the rug with plenty of water or a garden hose. Ensure that all the detergent is removed from your area rug.
  6. Release the excess water from the rug. You can use a wet-dry vacuum cleaner to soak the water into it.Carpet Vacuuming
  7. Lay your area rug under the fans or outside in the open area on a thick rope for drying. Once your area rug fully dries out, vacuum it again. Vacuuming will soften the fibers of the rug that get thickened in the cleaning process.

Do You Require Professional Area Rug Cleaning Services?

It is good if you follow the DIY steps explained above for cleaning your area rugs. But, when the stains are hard or the rugs need deep cleaning, you must take the help of professionals. While searching for the professional area rug cleaning services in Modesto, CA location, ASAP Commercial Cleaning remains the topmost choice among people.

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