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August 11, 2020

Things You Need To Know About Area Rug Cleaning

By ASAP Commercial Cleaning

Everyone uses area rugs or carpets as a floor cover. You walk all over the area rug wearing the shoes and even your pets roam around it. These activities bring the most amount of stains and dirt on your carpets or area rugs at home or office.

To keep the floor clean, you use a vacuum machine to remove dirt and dust. However, after a time even vacuuming doesn’t work to remove dirt, dust, allergens, etc. This can have a tremendous effect on the hygiene of home or workplace.

Read below to know about area rug cleaning to keep our environment safe and clean.

Area Rug Cleaners Modesto


Things To Consider While Doing Area Rug Cleaning

Area rug cleaning can be done by yourself. However, the size of area rugs in offices are big. Therefore, it becomes hard for the staff to handle it. So, hire a trained professional for rug cleaning to keep your commercial area clean.

1. The material of The Area Rug

The area rug cleaning method depends upon its material. Different materials require different methods of cleaning. Area rugs are either made of organic or synthetic material. Consult knowledgeable professionals who know the best method to clean each type of material.

2. Area Rug Construction

Rugs are mostly either woven, tufted, or action backed. Using the wrong area rug cleaning method can damage the backing. Woven rugs are strongest amongst all three. It can sustain a harsh method of cleaning without damage.

3. Pre-existing Conditions Of The Area Rug

It’s important to understand the current condition of your rug. It plays an important role to determine the best possible way to clean it. Avoid cleaning an area rug if the backing is deteriorating as it can worsen the condition of the area rug. Also, pet stains and odor are hard to remove from a rug at home.

Grab The Best Area Rug Cleaning Service In Modesto!

Area rug cleaning is a tough task that is not recommended for anyone to do on their own. Without the proper knowledge, you might damage the rug fabric while trying to clean it.

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